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Dating as a Single Parent

Okay, so you’re a single parent now. You need to weigh out your options and get things straight before you do anything. This could mean a lot of things; it could mean finding a new place. This, in itself, has

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Whose Side is the Judge On Anyway?

I hear this question all the time; “Why does the judge always side with the mother? Why do the courts hate fathers?”. The answer is never a simple one; there are a lot of factors. Historically, courts have tended to

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Grandparent Visitation and Custody Rights in California

VISITATION: In California a grandparent may ask the court for reasonable visitation with a grandchild.  In order to do this there are several requirements which must be met.  First, there must be a pre-existing relationship between the grandparent and the

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Raising a Daughter as a Single Dad

Raising children these days is a daunting task for even the most experienced parent but being a single parent brings on a whole new set of challenges that only someone in this position can imagine. To make things more complicated

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Tips on Courtroom Etiquette

Knowing how to conduct yourself in a courtroom will give you confidence and play a big part in the  success of your court case. Having your cell phone ring will be seen as disrespect for the court and will reflect

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Parents have an Equal shot at custody rights

What are the courts looking for in addressing custody and visitation rights?  The  goal for any court in custody and visitation decisions is what is ultimately best for the child(ren) involved.  A child is entitled to a relationship with both

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10 mistakes Not to make while fighting for custody

The separation of parents will be a complicated situation for children at best, and a devastating experience for them at worst. Your goal throughout, is to be the absolute best parent that you can possibly be. This will not only

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Obtaining custody and visitation in California

Unmarried Parents:  If you are an unmarried mother you have full custody of your child.  However, there may be instances when you may still need a written order from the court which documents your parental rights such as when you

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Custodial Change of Circumstances

In the first years of divorce everyone is adjusting to new living circumstances. It is a huge adjustment and during this time the parents try to keep as much routine as possible in the lives of their children. As time

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5 Tips to Let Your Children Know About a Divorce

Explaining divorce to children is never an easy task. Even though divorce is common these days and most kids are familiar with it through friends, they dread hearing the ‘D’ word from their own parents mouths. Likewise, it is the

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