Paternity Fraud – What to do

In a perfect world, certainly no one would lie about the paternity of a child. The consequences of such a lie would lead to devastating financial and emotional effects for both father and child. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and people often take selfish and desperate measures. Because of this fact, men have to be especially careful if they have any suspicions at all about the paternity of a child.

If someone shows up at your doorstep one day and says that little Johnny is yours, do not take any financial responsibility of this child unless you are absolutely certain of this. If you ex-girlfriend says that she is pregnant and you have any reason at all to believe that the child might not be yours, request a DNA test upon birth before taking any responsibility.

Most importantly, do not SIGN ANYTHING until you have a DNA test in any situation that you are not sure of paternity. Once you sign a legal document accepting responsibility for a child, you may be bound by such an agreement. Do your research and find out what your state laws are. Don’t be gullible, seek legal guidance if necessary There are pregnant women in situations that they cannot handle and are looking for nice Joe’s that want to do the right thing. Make sure that you know the child is yours.

Aside from the financial consequences of paternity fraud, the emotional ones are far worse. One you have developed an emotional attachment to a child it can be brutal to lose them. If you are not really the father you may find out in the worst of circumstances that you have not legal rights towards a child that you thought was your own.

We all want to be trusting people but in a paternity situation only a DNA test can let you know the truth and what kind of situation you are dealing with. At all cost protect the child involved through the paternity process. If there is any paternity fraud, they are also innocent victims. Whether you are the father or not try your best as an adult to protect them from any harm if at all  possible.

Please speak with a parent advocate if you have been a victim of paternity fraud, we may be able to help you at a cost you can afford. or call at 800 787 4981

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