Raising a Daughter as a Single Dad

Raising children these days is a daunting task for even the most experienced parent but being a single parent brings on a whole new set of challenges that only someone in this position can imagine. To make things more complicated when there is a parent raising a child of a different gender there arise unique and significant challenges that require specific attention. In general, a father is a role model for his son and a mother is a role model for her mother. In the case of single parents when they are raising the opposite gender offspring, this becomes a difficult tasks, however, there are solutions.

For a father raising a daughter there are basics that a man needs to understand. First of all, men and women (even girls) think differently. This becomes even more apparent as your little girl grows up. As a baby, and toddler Dad can provide all the basic care and nurturing that his daughter needs. As she gets older, she will need someone to model the female gender and the things that she will be experiencing. No matter how much a dad loves his daughter, he cannot provide this female touches to her upbringing.

One thing that can be very helpful in this type of situation is to recruit a trustworthy female friend or family member that can take the extra time and care to provide to your daughter. Make sure that this person shares the same values and principles that you do so that you don’t have to be concerned with your daughter being led astray. Make sure that it is someone that is willing to make a commitment to ‘being there’ for your daughter.

Needing a woman in her life does not necessarily exclude her need for you. Be supportive of her interests whether you understand them or not. Recognize the things that are important to her. Remember that females process emotions different from males and give her the space she needs to understand this. Create a supportive environment for her to grow and be social. Always make sure that whether or not you understand what she is going through, you will always be there for her. Your support will be one of the most encouraging and esteem building things in her life. Always keeps the line of communication open with her and be honest with her even if it’s something that you don’t understand, you will grow and learn together!

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8 comments on “Raising a Daughter as a Single Dad
  1. my wife passed 6 years ago,my mother had me sign a piece of paper i thought was for speech therapy. at that point i lost over 2700 dollars a month in survivor benefits from social security. i just had a hearing with an administrative law judge with social security, i do not know the outcome as of yet. last year my mother wouldnt allow me to see my kids for x-mas as well as there b-days. my parents have asked me numerous times to sign another piece of paper since. i have not. i am unable to get help from any legal aid or pro bono help in this matter in new orleans.having also tried to get help from a number of attorneys,with nothing being resolved. my son has been acting out lately, which he never did while under my supervision.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for opening up about your situation publicly, that takes courage!
      With your wife passing and your own mother withholding your children from you this is a difficult situation. It is VERY GOOD that you did not sign any other documents she has put in front of you.
      Have you ever been to court regarding custody arrangements with your children after your wife has passed? How long ago did you speak with a local attorney about this and what did they advise you on?
      We would like to see if we can possibly help you here, being that you are a concerned father wanting to do the right thing for your kids.

      • Thank you so much for returning my email. to be perfectly honest, i raised my children for 4 years following her death. i have yet to see a toxicology report, or death certificate despite going throigh every channel one knows to accomplish this. no i have not been to court regarding custody arrangements, but have been in front of an ALJ from social security. which took nearly 2 years and more visits to ssi than i would wish on my worst enemy.
        I have spoke to legal aid, pro-bono project, and no less than 25 local attorneys in an attempt to get my children back. Every attempt meet with unproffessional, condecending, and rude people, that i have basically given up. I dont know if you are from new orleans louisiana, but the justice system works in a way that does things in that gray area so to speak.
        my chidren where well behaved, on the honor roll at school and just all around happy kids. while living with me.know that they are with my parents my daughter is excelling, my son has begun to act out, and get in trouble at school on numerous occassions..
        my parents and my sisters have to get receipts for everthing, vacation food to anything bought for them.as well as things not bought for them. my kids are paying have the mortgage,food, electricity. water, in my parents house.essentially my kids are paying there own way and some. they go to public school and my mother is not saving a penny of there money for college etc.
        thank you for your help and concern
        sincerly kevin dieudonne

      • Hi Kevin,

        You definitely have a case and parts of it are pretty complicated. I believe one of our Parent Advocates contacted you earlier this week to see how we could maybe help. Please contact them back as soon as you can. Most cases like this can be resolved by simply getting into court to get an order signed off by a judge to establish your rights as a father so you can enforce what you want, and for what you feel is in the best interest of your children. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

      • kdieud says:

        thank you very much,greatly appreciated.

  2. haylower says:

    Excellent post. I am the only daughter in a family of five children, and very close to my mother. I am also close to my Dad cos the relationship I have with him is so important. If you can provide the environment for your daughter to KNOW she can tell you things, you’re already doing the best you can do x

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