Dating as a Single Parent

Okay, so you’re a single parent now. You need to weigh out your options and get things straight before you do anything. This could mean a lot of things; it could mean finding a new place. This, in itself, has profound impacts. Yes we have some emotional ground to cover but you need to be practical and logical about getting past the training wheel phase after your derailment. Anger is a common emotion, but anger and sadness go hand in hand sometimes. What’s important is how your kids are going to react to this.

Know Any Good Movers?

This can be a difficult part of this whole progression. Often times this could be a downgrade from the home you had as a family. Having to go from a house that has emotions and memories attached to it, into an apartment or smaller home, can be traumatic for you and your kids. Communication is going to be extremely important between you and your child. They need to be assured that you both love them and that life will go on as normal. Finding a new house or apartment should be made with the kids in mind. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How far is it from their school?
  • How far is it from your ex?
  • Is it in a good neighborhood?

The answers to these questions play a big part in how easy it is for the family to cope with the change. This is obviously harder if you have hard feelings towards your ex. You can’t let your anger blind you from using good judgment.

Haven’t Done This In Awhile?

You’ve got a new place to live, the kids are getting used to things, you’re thinking about getting back into the dating scene but you’re not sure how to go about it. Having first hand experience with this type of family situation, it’s difficult to accept a new man or woman into your inner circle. As a parent, you need to be careful who you introduce to your kids and how far along in your relationship you are when the first meet takes place. Lets be frank, the new person in your life shouldn’t be someone who’s not going to be around for awhile. If these new people keep coming around, your kids could get the wrong impression about relationships. Again, you need to talk to them about what’s going on and what their feelings are on the subject. Having someone stay over is a big deal if you’re ten years old and not expecting to see a stranger in the house later on. Make sure you’re ready to have that conversation; respect goes a long way here. Keep your ear to the ground and watch the horizon, you’ll find what you need.

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