Trouble with Child Support

Some of the most common questions parents have when starting any family legal process have to do with child support. Child support is a complicated factor in any situation involving family law; and this is the case on either end of it. A lot of families depend on a primary person for the household income. When the family is split this can cause financial stress in the family. If you’re a single mom or dad that is now dealing with a considerable loss of money to spend on your child due to the other parent no longer present, child support is very important to you. If you’re the one paying child support it’s incredibly important to keep up on your payments, but this should go without saying right?

Getting behind on your child support payments can have some serious consequences. Unfortunately in some cases a parent that’s behind on their payments will try to get out of it by going to a different state; the idea being to go somewhere where your child support order does not have jurisdiction. In the past, this might have worked. However, American legislature got hip to the times and there were several laws passed and amendments made to prevent not only the issue of parents running from their support orders but to effectively enforce penalties for those that don’t pay.

The laws concerning child support enforcement are pretty uniform in that they are essentially the same across the country. You might want to give yourself a little history lesson on the evolution of this aspect of family law and how it is enforced today. Below is a link with some basic information to help you. The bit about interstate enforcement is particularly useful.

The laws that are in place for parents to receive child support owed to them are there for a reason. Educating yourself on these kinds of laws, if you are seeking money for your child’s well being, is a great way to arm yourself. Consult with a legal professional if you’re at all unsure or curious as to how to get those funds to you. In some cases, if the parent owes upwards of ten thousand dollars let’s say, they may face fines and/or jail time. Knowing your rights and the laws that uphold them is half the battle.

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