Having The Right Documents In The Right Order

Correct Court Documents

                Parents that have been through the rigors of family court will tell you that it really comes down to the documents that you need to file with the court. A lot of people think that an attorney is going to make or break their case. In reality, paying an attorney to represent you in the court room won’t necessarily increase your chances of getting the custody or visitation plan that you’re petitioning the court for. You can get this issues resolved by representing yourself. Attorney’s can be an expensive and time consuming route to take; time is often a factor in these kinds of cases. Having the right documents and presenting the judge with a well rounded written argument that makes sense to them will definitely determine the judge’s decision and increase your chances of success. You’re going to need to cross all your t’s and dot all you’re i’s.  This might mean getting the less than favorable issues in your life squared away or just making lists of things you want to address. Here are some things to think about putting into your argument and documents:

  • Keeping Records. Having a record of things you would like to address in the court room and putting this down on paper is definitely a good thing. If you’re concerned about the safety of your child with the other parent, having a list of reasons why and records of past instances where they might have been in danger adds that much more weight to your argument.
  • Your Strengths and Weaknesses. If you’re not the best person for homework help or you don’t have a good vehicle at the moment, telling this kind of stuff to the judge won’t necessarily decrease anyone’s chances here. The judge will see that you’re being honest and upfront about yourself and this will help your case overall.
  • Being In The Know. When the judge is making a ruling on your custody or visitation matter, seeing that either parent is involved in the child’s life will influence their decision. Knowing your child’s friends, teachers, coaches etc. will show them that you’re a part of their life.
  • Evidence and Examples. Having proof of when you were with your children and providing evidence of dates, times and places is a great thing to include in your documents. If you’re having someone prepare these documents for you, make sure they include this.

The bottom line here is that you want to show the judge that you’re trying to make the best decision for your children, not necessarily one that gives you what you want. Making a decision or petitioning the court for something that’s in the best interests of the child is what’s important. Meet with a legal professional or someone with the right knowledge to guide you in the right direction. You don’t really need legal advice to get this issue resolved. You need a court order signed by a judge to get your rights as a parent established so you can ensure the best possible outcome for your children. Our advocacy group is dedicated to help parents achieve this goal. Do some research, make some calls and get it done.


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One comment on “Having The Right Documents In The Right Order
  1. cwordlaw says:

    I liked your article and yes, you can proceed without an attorney, however, speaking from experience, its probably not the best decision. Especially if the other party is represented by an attorney. Nothing gets ruled in your favor and your thoughts on your children’s up bringing are largely ignored or modified by the attorney for the other party in their favor.

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