Caught Your Ex On Tape!!

Voice Recordings

                If you’re in a situation in which you’re in fighting your ex for custody and you have it on good authority that they’re not being entirely truthful, having proof that they say one thing and do another is a great tool to have in court to work on your side. This isn’t the easiest thing to pull off but any type of voice recording in which you’re ex is caught not telling the truth about the situation, and they can clearly be understand and there are no reasons to doubt the authenticity of the recording, can be used as evidence in your case. Nobody is asking you to be James Bond here or sneak around outside of windows and plant wires in house plants. Something as simple as a voicemail can suffice.

Keep It Simple. In today’s world, modern cell phones are a great tool to use to make video or audio recordings. If you’re in a good position to record your ex doing something that isn’t in the best interests of your children, pull out your phone and hit record. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about a parent telling the judge that their ex is abusive or leaves the children with strangers for hours on end to obtain custody of the children, and then turn around and slander their ex or act violent toward them. This is a case in which the other parent is trying to get custody for reasons of their own instead of making a decision that would benefit the children. Often times parents that are involved in domestic disputes or harbor some form of negative feelings for their ex will let their emotions get the better of them and make poor choices.

Forging the Evidence. Audio recordings convey a lot more information than copies of signed agreements. It’s also not unheard of for people to forge documents to get their way in family court. This kind of vindictive behavior doesn’t do anybody any good and in fact will negatively affect your kids. It’s much harder to forge a voice recording. Being able to hear the tone of someone’s voice and inflection also conveys more information than a piece of paper.  If you have the means of obtaining evidence like this, present it to the judge to prove that your ex’s story is unfounded. If you have any questions about what you can or cannot present to the judge or what kinds of recordings you can bring as evidence, consult a legal professional about what is legally admissible as evidence as there can be loop holes that can affect the validity of the evidence you’re presenting.

Having your ex bad mouth you in front of the judge and have the judge make a ruling against you based on that story can feel terrible. Keeping a level head and gathering as much information as possible is the best thing you can do. Even if you know that what your ex is saying is not true, reacting irrationally will just give them and the judge more reasons to not grant you custody or visitation rights to your kids. Your kids need both of you, pointing fingers and eliminating one of you from their life is detrimental to their overall well being. There are many resources out there for parents going through this process. The internet is a great tool to help you with questions regarding what you should or should not bring to court as evidence and how to properly present this to the judge.

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3 comments on “Caught Your Ex On Tape!!
  1. clairestephanie says:

    thank you for your like on my blog entry, how did you come across my blog. your blog is awesome too 🙂

  2. shellakers says:

    I sure wish I would have had your blogs to read years ago when I went through my custody battle. Good information! Thanks for sharing!

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