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Which Child Custody Plan is Best For You and Your Children?

Choosing the Right Kind Of Custody              Making the right choice as to what custody plan works best for you and your family is a big step. The decision you make will affect the outcome of your court case and

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Maintaining Structure as a Single Parent

If you’re a single parent, you know how hard it is to maintain a balance between work, your home life, your love life, and all the other aspects of your life, as well as your child’s life. A common thing

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Family Law in the Military

Family law as an active member in the armed forces essentially follows the same rules, procedures and laws that family law entails outside of the military. There are slight differences of course due to the nature of people’s jobs within

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Elevated Stress Levels During A Custody Dispute

People deal with stress in different ways. Going through any family legal process whether it’s a divorce or custody battle or child support matter, produces stress. The emotional strain of splitting up your family can be a lot, and in

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Evalutation Microscope

In some cases it’s not uncommon to have a third party step in to your case and examine you, psychologically, as a parent, in order to determine your ability to properly take care of your child. This can produce a

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Dating After a Divorce with Your Children in Mind

Dating As a Single Father                 If you’re thinking about getting back into the dating scene, and you’re a single father, recently separated or not, there’s a few things to take into account concerning your kids and how they feel

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Coping With Change After Divorce

Coping With Change                 Dealing with the aftermath of your divorce can and/or will be tough. The logistical factors of divorcing your ex and sharing custody of the kids such as moving to a new house, getting new furniture, dividing

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Parental Relocation in Child Custody and Visitation situations

Relocating                 One of the most difficult aspects of family law concerns relocation of one, or maybe both, of the parents. Fast forward to after the initial court proceedings, past the child support hearings and signing of documents, to the

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Let’s Define Our Child Custody Terms

What is child custody?             As you hammer out the details of dividing up time with your children as you and your ex begin to finalize everything and draw up the necessary paperwork, it’s a good idea to know exactly

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Tips To Be Prepared for Family Court

Going to court can be intimidating if you’ve never had to go through the experience. If you’re a first timer, it’s time to educate yourself on what to expect, what the first steps are, what happens during court, how to

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