Parenting Your Kids – Where To Begin?

Parenting Advice from Toddlers to Teenagers

                Every now and again it’s good to reflect on your values and the way you engage with your children in your family. Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce with your ex or it’s years after that whole business and you’re just being with your kids; the things we teach our kids are what influence the next generation and so on and so forth for as long as people walk the Earth. So it comes to the point where you might be examining just how your child is developing their personality and social skills that make them a person. There is a ton of advice out there for parents. Everyone has a different piece of useful information but the central idea of just being there for your kids is always present. What form does this take for you? It could mean personal beliefs upheld by the family as a whole, it could mean the difference between political parties or even an abstract sense of the world (Is the glass half full? If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?). Let’s keep with tradition and toss out a couple of useful tips/ideas to think about if you find yourself asking these kinds of questions.

  • What Are You Teaching Them? It sounds like a rhetorical question but stop and think about it. Look at the social circles you associate with or the activities that you do from your child’s perspective. Do you follow through with what you say you’ll do? Are you there when you need to be? This kind of stuff sets examples for them and they learn about the world from watching and listening to you. A lot of new parents have to sometimes make a transition from the going out, loud music staying up late lifestyle to a more quiet or constructive lifestyle to accommodate the duties they have to their family.
  • Traditional Family Values. The age of the nuclear family is not yet gone and neither are traditional ideas of hard work and the value of the truth. Instilling these kinds of ideas in your children and making sure they become good productive members of society is your job as a parent. Teaching your kids the value of a dollar, the difference between right and wrong and when to draw the line takes effort and effective communication from your end. Sit down with your kids and talk to them about this kind of stuff.

Whether you’ve got a small child or a kid in high school, the examples you set dictate how your children will act in the world and towards others. If you’ve just gone through a divorce and custody dispute and are working on reconstructing your family and adapting to the change of being a single parent, this is even more important. When you talk to your children about important issues in life and teach them how to be good people and make the right decisions through good judgment, you’re giving them the tools they need to get through life and pass those teachings on to their own children.

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9 comments on “Parenting Your Kids – Where To Begin?
  1. My two boys are totally opposite. I try to remember that real life will happen to them, no matter how much I try to protect them. When I talk to them about drugs, alcohol, and sex, I remind them of the laws, the rules, my expectations, and just in case they still don’t listen, I give them some very basic common sense. “Despite weed being illegal, if you still make the choice to try it, please don’t keep it on your self, or in your car.”
    “If you choose to have sex, PLEASE use a condom, even if she say’s she’s on the pill.”
    “If you choose to drink, DO NOT drive. If you need a ride, call me. I promise, I will not be angry.”

  2. ramanda429 says:

    You know, i ask myself everyday what I am teaching my daughter. It’s not just words and language we teach, but actions, morals, and values. Like you said. If I tell her I am going to do something, do I follow through and show her she can count on me; even on the littlest things. A child pays attention to more than what people think or are aware of. I really enjoyed reading this post.

    • Great job being conscience of how you hold yourself as a parent. Parents should be fully aware of they act and talk directly reflects onto their kids, good or bad. Thank you for reading our post and you comment! Pass it along!

      • ramanda429 says:

        Oh I do. I am all about good parenting. I want my daughter to be well rounded and respectful, have good morals and values. i have read several of your posts.

  3. bobdog93 says:

    Everything we try to do as a parent is to prepare them for what is about to happen, regardless of what it is. To make the right decisions, to do the right things. But life happens and all the parenting in the world cannot force them to make the right decision. That comes from within the child.

  4. Reblogged this on The Pediatric Profiler ™ and commented:
    This is very solid advice for all parents. I see many parents who punish their children for doing what was modeled by the parents. It is important to recognize the effect of the people and situations you expose your children to will indeed affect their social and emotional development.

  5. Love this! Will reblog.

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