What Goes Into A Child Support Plan?

How To Make A Child Support Plan

                If you’re trying to settle your family legal issue outside of the court system one of the first things you need to look at and discuss is drawing up, or at least thinking about, a plan for child support. Whether you’re the one paying or the one receiving the money, having a plan already drawn up to present to your ex or even the judge if you do decide to go through court is a great way to hit the ground running in your family legal dispute and increase your chances of winning if you are facing a lot of opposition. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re going this route:

  • What To Incorporate. A good place to start here is to start to tally up everything that needs to be included in your support order. If you’re a mother trying to get child support from your child’s father, being thorough will aid your cause more than being brief. This might mean doing some serious investigative work on your end as to how much money exactly the children need to maintain their quality of life. If you need a couple extra bucks for school supplies, work it in there.
  • What Are You Asking For? Making sure what you’re requesting is fair should be a primary concern for anyone going through a family legal dispute; if you’re settling in court this is especially important. If you’re a father agreeing to an order for support, make sure what you’re agreeing to pay is actually reasonable. The last thing you want to do is just sign on the line to get your ex off your back. Really take a look at what is being proposed. A lot of fathers and mothers out there find themselves in a situation where they have to pay almost as much as they make and start running into trouble with back child support. The complications that can arise from this issue can really affect your life and will eventually create more legal entanglements for you.

As I stress in the majority of these posts, it is imperative that you communicate with your ex. Whether you’re a mother or a father going through a custody or visitation dispute, maintaining the lines of communication will not only help you have a better working relationship with your ex, which will in turn benefit your child, but will help you get a better deal when it comes to paying child support. A lot of dads out there find themselves on bad terms with their ex coupled with staggering child support costs, this is a recipe for a bad time. If you can’t pay your child support payments and can’t talk to your ex without yelling a string of curse words, you’re not going to get anywhere, at least not in a reasonable amount of time.

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2 comments on “What Goes Into A Child Support Plan?
  1. This is a nice article in theory and I would have to agree with the writings here. But having said that what if someone is dealing with a total deadbeat loser that not only refuses to follow court orders set in place THREE YEARS ago and never once did I get that amount. On top of that he doesn’t see my son, who lives with me 100% of the time. I have all the financial responsibility as well as the emotional responsibility. And I am finding out that I am not unique….I am one of thousands of moms in this situation. It is unfair and truly gross of the father. However, it doesn’t help to whine about it, therefore I am working my tail off to make a good life for me and my son. By the way, I was a stay at home mom for my 24 year marriage…yes that is correct! Twenty four years and the person decides someone else is more appealing and leaves like he never knew us, no money, lost my home to foreclosure and it has been a hard road and in my case trying to communicate with him is like talking to a rock on the ground…
    Your advice is excellent in the even that you have two rational parents…..I personally have yet to see this while I wait to see the judge in family court….

    • Thank you for sharing about your personal experience. Unfortunately your situation is far too common, and a lot of it comes down to one parent or the other not wanting to take responsibility or humble themselves for their next of kin. What you just described is a pivotal reason why we exist and why we stand for those parents who want to purse being the best parents they can be.

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