2 Ways To Protect Yourself In A Divorce

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself In A Divorce

                A lot of family legal problems can begin with, or eventually come down to, money or material things that your ex might make a big deal about and potentially cause trouble for you in your child custody or visitation dispute. Unfortunately, people are forced to take measures to protect themselves as well as their kids in the event that the other parent is making it difficult to proceed with the case. If you find yourself backed into a corner and don’t know what to do, there is hope for parents such as yourself; here’s what you can do.

  • Know Your Rights. First off, you need to know what you’re entitled to. Do you know if you’re on the birth certificate or if paternity is established? These things matter in making decisions concerning the child and where they live etc. This is going to require a little homework on your end to figure out where you stand in all of this. If you’re not married to the children’s mother and there is nothing official saying you’re the biological parent, you have less rights than if paternity was established.
  • Protect What’s Yours. Due to the high stress and heightened emotions involved in family law, it’s easy to get taken advantage of, especially if someone has no idea what to do or how to begin. If you have money or property and your ex is trying to wrongfully obtain it from this situation, you need to do what you can to protect yourself and what you own. It would not be beneficial for you to lose your vehicle and large sums of money unnecessarily if you need everything you have to properly care for your child. On the flip side of this it might be better, for example, if your ex keeps the house or the truck if the end result is your child’s well being is increased overall.

Obviously there are a lot of factors to take into account with this kind of stuff and every case is going to be different and unique. The bottom line is that you need to protect yourself if you feel like you’re being taken advantage of by your ex is a third party attorney or even a biased judge within the system. It’s easy to get discouraged if you run into opposition at the legal level but there is always a way out and a way to give your children the best living situation you can get for them; you just have to think before you do or say things, especially in court. Knowing specific laws that apply to your case, establishing rights to your property or other assets and protecting your rights to your children all comes down to thinking critically and gathering as much information together as possible to aid you in your child custody and divorce issue.


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