Things To Know About Your Married And Unmarried Rights

Difference Between Married And Unmarried

                In divorce and custody or visitation scenarios, being married or unmarried to the mother or father of your child makes a big difference in the outcome of the case and how custody or visitation is determined. Some of you might be reading this thinking to yourself, what does it matter if I’m married to the other parent or not? Essentially, the rights that one has to the children involved can be affected by this simple fact. The procedure for how to start the case, or what to do if you’re in the middle of it and meeting with opposition, is different across the country as well depending on the circumstances of the relationship of the parents of the children.

It Makes A Difference. A father that is not married to the mother of the children and whom hasn’t established whether he’s the biological father or not, doesn’t have a lot of options as it stands at that point. The first thing you want to do is obtain proof that you are the child’s father. If you’re seeking full custody of the child, the age of the child matters a in terms of timing and procedure of the case. Infants obviously need their mothers as they are still breast feeding. As a man trying to get custody of the child in this situation, your chances in court decrease due to this fact of necessity of the mother. As a woman, you have more rights to your child if they are a new born and paternity has not been established and you are not married to the father. Time is crucial at this point, for the mother as well.

Know What You’re Doing. This can be difficult for people in different parts of the country. The internet is a great tool for people who spend the majority of their time at home to find out more information on what they’re rights are and what circumstances are major factors in their case. This can be difficult for people that don’t have access to the internet in their home. There is an alternative though. Your local library is an excellent resource for parents trying to research what rights they have to their children and what they can do to gain custody or more visitation time with the child. All it takes is a little reading and elbow grease on your end to get the information you need to handle your case. This is also a great place to find legal resources that can help you with your case.

There are tons of organizations, companies and advocacy groups out there to help people with low incomes or who can’t afford the high costs of attorney fees or simply don’t want to bring a third party into the mix. About The Children is one such organization. It is possible to get this issue resolved without paying an attorney to represent you. This road is slightly more difficult because you have to do more research on your own but the information is out there for you to use, all you have to do is find it.

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