Tips On What Questions To Ask During Your Family Court Case

What Happened That Lead You To Family Court?

If you’re just starting a child custody or visitation case you might be wondering where to start. Making a list of the things you need to do and what order you need to do them in is a great thing to help you organize yourself for the task at hand. Once you have a basic idea of what you need to be doing, the next phase is to execute your plan. In family law, the argument you present to the judge is what matters the most in your case. Aside from having the correct court documents to present to the court, you need to round out the details of the whole situation, from small details to large one. Here are some tips to things going in the right direction.

  • Start To Finish. A helpful thing to do is right out, chronologically, the events that took place from the first argument you had with your ex, to your divorce and potential custody battle. It can be hard to remember every little detail but having too much information isn’t as bad as having too little. Sometimes physical objects can trigger memories of events, the same can be said for different locations or even smells. However you do it, having the timeline of your marriage or relationship with your child’s mother or father makes it easier to see the situation as a whole rather than what’s occupying your frame of vision at the moment.
  • Ask The Right Questions. The answer has no meaning if you don’t know the question. As you’re drawing up your case to petition the court, having a reasonable argument is one of the more important properties to make sure your case is valid and what you’re asking for makes sense to the judge in terms of what’s being asked correlated to the facts of the case. They’re going to look at the details of your life to determine if you indeed should have full custody or are entitled to more visitation time with your son or daughter. Asking yourself questions such as what sparked your divorce, why is it so hard to make a decent custody or visitation schedule with your ex or how feasible is it for you to maintain the new schedule of split time with your family. Things tend to become more focused when you ask yourself questions that the judge is likely to ask during the course of your court case.

Looking at the facts of your divorce and pinpointing where your relationship went wrong and the circumstances of your separation will give you a better idea of what you should be asking for but might also help you gain insight into how you handle your relationships. As we progress through life we learn more about ourselves through self reflection. This kind of reflection on what happened to make you end up in front of the judge can be a great thing to bring to the foreground for you and your ex. Acknowledging this kind of stuff, especially for the judges sake, will improve your overall experience in your custody case and help you maintain a working relationship with your kids and your ex after the smoke has cleared.

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