Child Custody And Visitation In Virginia

How can I make use of the laws of Virginia to assist in developing my parenting plan?

By utilizing the law as a guide, you might be greater equipped to make a parenting plan which will not simply meet the requirements of one’s child, but also become accepted by the court.

The Commonwealth of Virginia established precise laws concerning child custody and visitation which are identified inside the Code of Virginia, Title 20, Domestic Relations.

The law offers definitions on terms utilized by the court and the unique varieties of custody. In addition, it defines the powers of your court in regard to discussing a ruling in child custody situations along with the criteria the court considers when addressing a ruling.


What would be the distinctive forms of custody inside the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Inside the Commonwealth of Virginia, you will discover two forms of custody, and also the court may well award custody in any mixture deemed acceptable for the predicament, in the event the court finds it to become inside the finest interest with the child (Va. Code § 20-124.1).

Sole custody implies that only a single parent is accountable for the care and handle of the child and has the authority to dictate choices regarding the child’s welfare and legal concerns. Even when a single parent has sole custody, the other parent is generally entitled to be with and spend specific time with the child.

Joint custody implies that each parent shares legal custody with the child, and are accountable for the care and management of your child, and shall make joint choices regarding the child’s welfare and also other vital concerns. Parents may possibly share joint legal custody even though the child mostly resides with only one particular parent. Joint physical custody signifies each parent shares a handle and custody of the child, however the period of time the child spends with each and every parent doesn’t need to be equal.

Which types of custody do Virginia courts favor to award?

The state of Virginia has no preference toward joint or sole custody. Nonetheless, Chapter 20-124.2 encourages parents to share within the responsibilities of rearing the children and states that the child ought to have frequent and continuing interaction with each parent.

The state also has no preference in favor of either parent getting custody of your children.

The Commonwealth of Virginia does choose that you just need to cooperate with the other parent and develop a custody agreement that you each support, anytime doable.

In Virginia, what variables does the court base custody choices on?

The main concern of Virginia courts in child custody situations may be the greatest interest of your child. The court will examine all components which are relevant for the overall health, welfare, and well-being from the child, and can rule based on what will be very best for the child (Va. Code § 20-124.2).

The court considers all relevant aspects when figuring out the child’s greatest interest, which includes:

  • The physical and mental overall health of each parent along with the child
  • The ages of the parents and of your child
  • The previous and present care of your child
  • Which parent has acted as the child’s major caregiver
  • The relationships and bonds the parents have with the child
  • Which parent is superior in a position to supply the child with having a protected, loving, residence atmosphere
  • Which parent is possesses improved criteria to meet all the child’s fundamental requirements
  • The child’s adjustment to their residence, college, and neighborhood
  • If any siblings, relatives, or other men and women are within the child’s life
  • How people of significance have within the child’s life and how they are around the child
  • Whether or not disrupting the existing scenario could be damaging or effective towards the child
  • Whether or not every parent is capable of obtaining a powerful connection with their child
  • Whether or not they may be prepared to assist a loving partnership amongst the child as well as the other parent
  • The court may contemplate and expressed wishes of the child, provided that the child is of adequate age to voice a mature and educated opinion
  • Any other variables that may perhaps have an effect on the child, including a history of abuse, neglect, or substance abuse.

How will agreeing or disagreeing on a parenting arrangement influence my custodial rights?

The distinction involving agreeing and disagreeing on a parenting plan could possess a substantial effect in your custody arrangement for the reason that when you cannot attain an agreement.

If you are in a position to operate collectively using the other parent (either by yourself or by attending mediation) to make a parenting plan, your submitted strategy will likely be reviewed by the court to make sure it serves the ideal interests of one’s child.

When the court finds your proposed parenting plan acceptable, it can be approved and processed as a court order which you each need to abide by till it can be modified or your child reaches adulthood.

If all efforts have already been used and you’re nevertheless, unable to attain an agreement or compromise, the court will draft one for you personally. The court will make a selection along with a ruling determined by what the court feels is within the ideal interest of the child.

This outcome will likely be within a typical visitation schedule and also the identical common custodial arrangements which can be generally assigned to individuals who are able to function collectively and amicably together.

Drafting your own personal parenting plan will be the only approach to make certain that the precise desires of one’s child are correctly addressed and met.

What should I incorporate into my Virginia parenting plan / custody agreement?

Given that your agreement will serve as a guide to raising your child, it really is essential to make the plan with close attention and consideration. An extensive parenting plan really should:

  • State the custody arrangements and designate a key residence for the child
  • Describe a child visitation schedule which specifies when your child will invest time with every single parent regularly, holidays and unique occasions, and for vacations
  • Define parental responsibilities and define the authority to either or each parents
  • Include a technique for modifying the strategy to meet the demands of the child for potential modification in the future
  • Include a strategy for dispute resolution
  • Include any stipulations or provisions the parents really feel are relevant and agree upon

Establishing an efficiently defined parenting plan which establishes guidelines and addresses your differences in question presently can help you avoid future conflict.

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