Tips For Newly Single Parents For Raising Your Children.


Single Parenting Techniques

            There are a lot of parenting tips out there for parents, whether you’re going through a custody battle or not, you might find yourself staring at a google page looking for ways to get some help, a couple extra ideas or maybe some resources to improve your family situation or help you build a better relationship with your children. As people, and more specifically Americans, we like instant satisfaction and fast results. The relationships we have with our families or anyone for that matter are like a garden, they take a lot of time and caring for if you want a bountiful harvest. It’s not uncommon for a newly single parent to find themselves in a completely new situation. Maybe you were the bread winner of the household and didn’t concentrate on maintaining the household itself and now all of a sudden the dishes are stacking up, the laundry isn’t getting done and that questionable stain on the carpet has made a few extra friend and the kids are falling into bad habits. There is hope and you’re not alone, here are some tips for you parents out there who are finding yourselves going gray at the prospect of handling things on your own.

  • Establish Order. Every household needs rules and kids need structure. A simple thing like bedtime or cooking dinner can quickly turn into a maelstrom of chaos in your house; this is especially true for younger children who are still coping with living half time at your house and half time at their mom or dad’s house. Children tend to act out in high stress situations and can be difficult to deal with. One thing to remember is that if your children are still younger, they are still developing their emotional capacities as people. Moving to another home and having only one parent around can be confusing resulting in out of the ordinary behaviors to manifest themselves. It’s a good idea to remain in constant constructive communication with your kids to share your feelings on the matter with them and address their own concerns. Overall happiness will increase if everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.
  • See The Problem, Find The Solution. While comforting your child through a difficult family crisis, legal or otherwise, isn’t as easy as fixing a squeaky door, it’s just like any other problem that needs to be solved. You need to find what the issue is, and use the right tool to fix it.  Obviously your children would prefer to have things go back to the way they were but if you’re reading this, chances are that is not really a possibility, at least not in the near future. Helping your kids manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviors about the recent change in their family structure can take many different forms because every case is unique. No single piece of advice is going to make the situation better but having as much information to help you formulate ideas based on your unique situation is a good strategy.

The main thing to remember is this: things aren’t going to go back to normal over night and an adjustment period will not only take as much time as is needed but is a necessary component of the process for you and your children to move on and rebuild. This might sound dramatic but in some cases family legal issues such in a divorce or custody battle situation can be unpleasant experiences. The ones who suffer the most are the children involved because they are the one who are having decisions made for them.

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