How To Enforce Your Rights As A single Mother In Family Law

Single MomSingle mothers and the judge

            Single mothers have a hard job in front of them. While it’s true that, historically, fathers have a hard time establishing their rights to their children, it’s also important to give credit to the mothers that have to overcome obstacles and still provide for their family. Without going into a socio-economic debate about our society being a man’s world, it can easily be said and agreed upon that in some cases it can be more difficult, from women’s perspective, to be able to provide everything their children need. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to be the Lois Lane/femme fetale character in the story but pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is a difficult thing to do if there are a lot of factors against you. Here are a couple of tips for anyone out there reading this that is feeling like they are climbing Mount Everest in flip flops or are just looking for some extra ideas or resources for them and their family.

  • Don’t Take No For An Answer. A lot of people out there are too easily overcome by objections. It’s not uncommon for a newly single mother, or new mother in general, to find themselves in a position where they are left with staggering amounts of money to pay off for hospital bills, care payments etc, and also having to pay the costs incurred when caring for a child. It can be difficult to plant your feet squarely in the dirt and let someone know what you want and that you’re not going to budge. An unfortunate factor in life is that people get taken advantage of. While 21st century societal boundaries are being broken down and expanded every day, sexism still does exist and women are all too often put on the opposite side of this social phenomenon. Take steps to be an assertive person in your environment and not let people charge you too much on loan interest rates or make you feel dependent on them for your well being. This might mean re-defining your methods of solving the daily problems in your life and learning how to get what you need or simply finding the inspiration you need to make things happen the way they need to.
  • Getting The Assistance You Need. The fact of the matter is that nobody gets through life without a little bit of help. Being a single mother, or single parent in general, is a huge task and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. There are many parental advocacy groups out there, locally and nationally, that are equipped to help parents understand their rights and enforce them if necessary. There are some advantages to being a single mother trying to establish custody of your children. Historically, judges have ruled in the mothers favor. Infants and small children are more likely to require their mother for sustenance. If you’re a single mother going through family court and you have a newborn, the faster you act the better. If the child is dependent on you, you have that going for you in the court room and are more likely to have the judge come to this realization as well.

The best thing any parent going through family court can do for themselves is to get as much information as they can. The more you know, the better you’ll be prepared for defending your parental rights in the court room. This is especially important if you’re ex is causing a lot of legal or logistical trouble for you, trying to intimidate you or has an attorney already. Another good thing to keep in mind is that even if your ex has an attorney working on their case, this doesn’t mean you have any less chance of winning yours without an attorney. The high costs of attorney’s fees can be overwhelming. Representing yourself is not an impossible task and can save you a lot of time and money. Organizations such as ourselves can be very helpful for people trying to go this route. Whatever direction you choose to take, the importance should lie with what’s best for your children. The choices you make now for them will echo on in their lives for years to come.

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