How To Establish And Enforce Your Rights As A Father In Family Court


Rights For Single Fathers

Single Dads

            Single fathers can have a hard time getting custody of their children if they’re facing allegations of abuse or are not on the child’s birth certificate or are fighting with an unreasonable ex. Timing can be crucial in a child custody case and it’s important to know what your rights are and how to enforce them if necessary. Knowledge is the best thing to have on your side; the more you know, the easier it will be to go through the family court process. Here are some tips for fathers out there who are facing a lot of opposition from their ex’s and trying to do the best thing for their children.

  • Know Your Foe. Getting as much information together that will help you in your case will increase your odds of winning your court case. The first question would be what kind of information is useful in a case like this. If you’re ex is falsifying information, having proof of this is great. If she is telling the judge that you left the children unattended, don’t provide adequate clothing or food for your child or any other bogus excuse to use against you, having records of the events that prove that none of their allegations are true such as emails, text messages, voice recordings or receipts will help you out in your case. If you can prove that your ex is lying to the judge to get custody of your child, exposing this will greatly influence the judge’s decision in your favor. This can be kind of like a chess game if you’re dealing with a messy divorce and custody battle. You need to look 3 moves ahead and then make your move. If you anticipate that your child’s mother is going to cause you a lot of trouble like this, show up already prepared with a defensive strategy.
  • Make The Best Decision Available To You. It’s easy to let the stress of this whole thing get to you and influence your choices in a negative way. Making rational choices in desperate or stressful times can be hard if you’re emotionally compromised. What you need to do is take a step back and look at things from a rational and well informed perspective in order to produce the best outcome that benefits your child, not necessarily what you may want out of this. Money and other logistical things like that are obviously going to be factors in any divorce and custody battle but not letting these things cloud your judgment is what it takes to do what’s best for your children. This can mean many different things and include different factors such as housing arrangements for the child, where they will be going to school or how close they are to other family members. Weigh out your options and make the best decision you can; even a choice of when to file your documents with the court can have far reaching consequences. Consult with a local legal professional about the best course of action.

There are a lot of resources out there for parents going through family law. Legal expenses can quickly get out of hand and not everyone can pay the money or take all the time necessary to hire an attorney for your case. You can get the issue resolved by representing yourself; it’s just a matter of getting the right information and having everything filled out correctly. Having documents that are incorrectly prepared and having your case thrown out by the judge will not only draw out your case longer that it needs to be but will also make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Contact the necessary people to make sure you have everything you need if you’re going the pro se route.

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