Parenting Tips For Healthy Living


Encouraging Good Habits


            If you’re a single parent that’s gone through a divorce and custody battle, then you know how difficult and potentially expensive it can be to go through the family court process to get the custody or visitation schedule you wanted. Part of being a good parent is helping your kids build good values and exhibit good judgment in their lives when they’re ready to be on their own. This can take the form of building healthy living habits that will affect their adult lives, developing a good moral compass or simply instilling ideas in their head at a young age that will help them in the real world later on; you can learn a lot in school but the things our parents teach us make a huge impact on our lives and the ways that we live them.

  • Healthy Mind. Introducing younger children to literature, music, language or art has incredibly far reaching effects on their adult lives. Studies have shown that introducing children to these things has positive effects on brain development and increases neural activity in specific regions of the brain. Aside from the physiological occurrences, setting up the framework for better living starts when they’re young and can easily pick up new things; children under 12 learn foreign languages and musical instruments easier and faster than adults. In a sense you’re re-wiring their brains to be more attune to higher education.
  • Healthy Body. Children do what they see. As a parent, single or otherwise, it’s important to lay down good examples for your kids to follow. Sitting around with junk food is okay for the Superbowl but normal everyday life requires moderation and awareness. Set a good example by eating right and getting enough exercise. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and less sugar and salt and walk the family dog every night, this will become a habit that your children will adhere to later on in life. For some people out there this might be difficult to start doing. If you’re not really used to living the healthiest lifestyle, which we are all guilty of from time to time, then it could be more difficult. The good news is that this can be a great way to bond with your children. Get healthy together for a better and longer life and maintain the relationship you have with your son or daughter.

The goal of raising your children should be to ensure that they have the tools to make their lives, and the lives of the next generations, better than the previous one. The more we do as parents when they’re younger, the greater the payoff will be for them when they have children of their own. It can be hard to juggle all the responsibilities of raising children as a single parent on top of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let’s face it, food that bad for us is cheaper than food that is good for us. A lot of parents are on a strict budget and a $5.00 meal at a local fast food establishment is cheaper and easier than spending twice that on something at the store. Do everything you can to make sure your kids have the right things to eat and the right ideas to propel them through their lives and ensure the stability of our country’s population.


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2 comments on “Parenting Tips For Healthy Living
  1. It’s so important to set a good example for our children. Childhood obesity is such a serious problem – thanks for what you are doing to get the word out and encourage others!

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