Connecticut Grandparent and Third Party Custody Visitation Guidelines

Connecticut Grandparent and Third Party Custody Visitation Guidelines

Connecticut law defines “Grandparent” as a grandparent or great-grandparent related to a minor child by (A) blood, (B) marriage, or (C) adoption of the minor child by a child of the grandparent.  Any person may submit a verified petition to the Superior Court for the right of visitation with any minor child.
Under the Connecticut Act Concerning Visitation Rights for Grandparents and Other Persons (Public Act No. 12-137),  the Superior Court may grant the right of visitation with respect to any minor child or children to any Grandparent — or any person  upon an application of such person. Such order shall be according to the court’s best judgment based upon the facts of the case.  In making, modifying or terminating such an order, the court shall be guided by the best interest of the child.

The Connecticut court may grant the right of visitation with any minor child to any person  — if the court finds after hearing and by clear and convincing evidence — that a parent-like relationship exists between the person and the minor child.  The judge can also consider the history of regular contact and proof of a close or substantial relationship between the party requesting visitation and the child. Finally, the court will also address whether the denial of visitation would cause real and significant harm to the minor child.

Visitation rights granted under Connecticut law are not be deemed to have created parental  rights in the person or persons to whom such visitation rights are granted.  Any visitation rights granted cannot be used as grounds for preventing the relocation of the custodial parent.

Submitted by: Linda O’Marie, Paralegal

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