Leading By Example: Tips For Single Parents Raising Their Children In Today’s World

Promoting Better Living

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Your children are going to craft their lives according to how they were raised. If you teach them to watch television instead of doing their homework, academic achievements won’t be as important to them as opposed to a child raised in an opposite environment. The way we live dictates the quality of the lives we go on to have and our children go on to have, those ripples make a difference later on. Establishing a healthy lifestyle starts from the ground up. For some of us this can be more difficult. You might need to break out of old habits and reshape the way you live your life in order to help your children grow up better than you did, this is the goal of a lot of parents out there. Whatever form your encouragement takes, it’s important to keep their best interests in mind and to help them realize their full potential. Here are some tips to help you children grow intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Encouragement. How parents encourage their children in their lives can take many different forms. Some families favor certain things more than others. Some families may place more emphasis on education than others while others might encourage more real life experience. It’s said that you can learn more in a day on a farm than you can in an algebra class. I’m not saying that education should be put on the back burner but whatever way you choose to push your child to do something better, make sure it’s in a positive direction; one that will directly benefit their lives. Introducing them to new ideas, new situations and things that are outside of the box in general will broaden their horizons. If your child is younger, try introducing them to things like musical instruments, foreign languages or making things with their hands. If you’re children are teenagers or are approaching the college years, encourage them to apply to as many universities as they can or even do something like study abroad trips through their school. There are a ton of ways to help your children reach new heights.

Promoting better living doesn’t necessarily mean one thing or the other, it can include all the aspects of what could be considered a good life. Without going into a philosophical debate into what the “good life” actually means, just keep in mind that your kids look to you for guidance and advice. If you don’t normally take on responsibility in life, your children will see this and duplicate your behavior. This is coming back to what we were talking about before about potentially reshaping the way you live your life to give your kids a good example on how to live their lives. It can seem like a lot of responsibility being a parent and being accountable for a growing child’s life and how they view the world and interact with it but that’s just part of being a parent. The good news is you’re not necessarily on your own. There are always programs and advocacy groups across the nation that are there to help families with this kind of stuff. Reaching out to your community is not only beneficial if you find a group with the right kind of help but also connects you to people that can share ideas with you.

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2 comments on “Leading By Example: Tips For Single Parents Raising Their Children In Today’s World
  1. Sometimes we need the obvious to be pointed out as reminders to stay in check and keep it simple, thanks!

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