Tips On How To Win Custody Of Your Children

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A lot of parents start a court case for custody or visitation of their children or make a move to modify something that is already in place, and have no idea what they can show to the judge or their attorney to make a better case for themselves. It’s important to know what you can or cannot build an argument around. In our modern society there is always something recording someone’s whereabouts, how much money they spent on something and where they spent it. Papers trails, video recordings, voice recordings and even social media are all ways of tracking people. Businesses, Government and social trend seekers pool this information to get a better idea of what you’re going to buy or where you’re going to go. You can use your own paper or online trail for your family law issue. Here are some tips for parents trying to win their court case in family court.

·         Where Were You The Night Of The Fifth? It may sound like a line out of a smoke filled interrogation room in a Bogart film but it’s not uncommon for questions like this to be a major turning point in a family court case. If your ex is telling the judge you were out drinking instead of helping your son or daughter with their homework, a he-said she-said battle can quickly ensue. This is why it’s important to have some kind of proof you were where you said you were. If you ordered a pay per view movie with the kids, bring up your cable bill to show the date and time. Even something like a Facebook post can work in your favor in the same situation. If someone is saying you weren’t at home with the kids, and there is a status posting from you at 9:30 from the house, that could mean the difference between the judge awarding you custody or not.

·         The Age Of Communication. In today’s world, there is a camera or someone with a camera or some form of digital recording. Emails and text messages can also work in your favor to get custody or visitation of your children. It’s not unheard of for pictures and emails to be brought up in the court room that could compromise your argument or the opposing party’s argument and open the judge’s eyes as to the character of the person whom it incriminates. If your ex is telling the judge that they are a better parent than you are and you have a picture of them that they posted on the internet that displays them in a less than flattering light, bring it up in court. Emails that prove your ex is lying or making things up are all things that need to be brought to the court’s attention if you’re trying to win your court case for custody of your kids.

The goal here is not to slander your ex and spend all your time uncovering evidence of their wrongdoings. Nobody is going to be a perfect parent but if you feel that your child’s best interests are not being met, it is your responsibility to show evidence of this to the judge so that a custody or visitation schedule can be put in place that allows you to do what’s best for your child.

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