Tips For Single Parents Raising Children


Raising Your Children


            Bringing your children up in today’s world can be difficult. Everyone has to work, excluding the lucky few who don’t, and the time we devote to our jobs and other obligations outside of the household detract from the time we get to spend with our children. If you’re like most single parents, finding the right people to watch your kids and teach them while you are at your job is a difficult process and in some cases can be frustrating depending on the circumstances. Teaching our children the difference between right and wrong, giving them boundaries all the while allowing them to get a sense of their own will and destiny is nothing short of a juggling act. Here are some tips for parents, single or otherwise, that are having this same difficulty and need some answers or new ideas to adapt their current strategy.

  • Finding The Time. If you’re lucky you love what you do for work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that feel trapped by the circumstances of their lives and are trying to raise their children to be not only productive members of society, but free thinking agents in a world that cries out for new change and new ideas. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of parents who need to work two or sometimes three jobs to make ends meet and provide for their family; but at what point does it become futile? If you have to work two jobs, pay someone to watch your kids while you’re gone, how much time do you really get to spend with them. The question you might need to ask yourself might be, do I need to make a drastic change in my life? Everyone has to ask themselves that at one point or another. The fact of the matter is that nothing is more important than your kids, but this can be overshadowed by the necessity to earn enough money to give them everything they need. There seems to be no shortage of issues like this, even as the economy in the country makes its way slowly upwards rather than the downward spiral we all have come to understand. There are resources out there for parents that are pulling their hair out, literally and figuratively, about what they’re going to do. What’s important to remember is that there is always a way. Don’t settle for no-win situations.
  • Who’s Minding The Shop? You shouldn’t trust just anybody to watch your children for you while you’re gone all day. Whether it’s a day care program or someone you have come to your house for eight hours, you need to know what they’re teaching your children; because the bottom line is that children at young ages are always learning. Every bump on the knee and lizard they catch teaches them a little bit more about the world. Make sure that the day care you leave them at during the day properly teaches them appropriate boundaries. It’s not unheard of for some day cares to “let the kids teach themselves”, this can lead to bad behavior and a lack of supervision that is needed in a young child’s life. Do your research before you pay someone hundreds of dollars to watch your kids.

Taking the time to do your homework on who is watching your children and what kind of values they are imprinting on them while you’re at work earning the money for the household will ensure that your children are getting the best education and care. As a parent the job of giving your children a moral education rests primarily on your shoulders and starts at home. Give them the tools they need to make the right choices so that they don’t make the wrong ones when you’re not around.

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2 comments on “Tips For Single Parents Raising Children
  1. karmami says:

    This is all true that is why I do not understand why they expect …force woman to keep unwanted pregnancies by telling them that they have the choice of giving their children to a total stranger …nobody dares gives away their account etc to a stranger would they ?

  2. A very frustrating cycle indeed – work to get money – give the money to a daycare so you can work – have a very small “profit” from work to afford necessities – do it all over. We have the stop this cycle in every way we can, big or small!

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