How To Enforce Your Rights As A Parent For Custody Of Your Children

What Does It Mean To Have Rights?


            Some of the most common questions that parents call about to have to do with their rights as a parent. As Americans we have rights, as individuals we have rights and as parents we have rights. But what this actually means is rarely discussed or thought about, especially if you’re in the middle of a family court case. Whether you’re just beginning to go through the motions of the family court process for custody or visitation of your children or you’re a seasoned veteran of custody battles, knowing what you’re rights are, how to enforce them and just what rights really are, will give you a foot hold. Here are some things to think about and maybe even employ in your own case for custody of your child.

  • What Rights Do I Have? If you’re ex is withholding your kids from you, a lot of parents out there want to just go over to their house and take them back. Others have the urge to leave the state with their child if they feel threatened by the other parent. In some cases, this is very ill advised. In other scenarios you do have the right to do things like this, the context of the situation is important. So how do you know what you can do? This is technically legal advice if you were to call someone about it. The best way to get that kind of information is to contact a legal professional who has knowledge in this area and can tell you if yes you or can or no you can’t take your child. A good thing to remember in any family legal dispute is that you need to keep a level head and not act out of pure emotion. Making irrational choices can lead to negative legal repercussions and make matters worse. Find the right source of information on what your rights are and how to enforce them.
  • Put On Your Reading Glasses. A lot of people can’t afford or don’t want to pay the high costs of attorney fees to get the information that they need; in some cases this doesn’t necessarily get people closer to getting their kids back either. It’s important to keep in mind that just because you have an attorney doesn’t mean that you’ll win your case. It is entirely possible to represent yourself and get your family legal issue resolved without throwing a lot of money at the problem. This will require you to do a bit of reading. We live in an age where information is easily attainable if you know how to do proper research. Local libraries, university libraries or trusted internet websites are good places to start for this kind of information. You’re going to need to know what rights your state recognizes for one thing, each state is different and every case is unique. You might want to look up information on past cases that are similar to your own and look at what kind of ruling was made. This isn’t necessarily like a criminal court case but coming up with an example of a ruling that pertains to your own situation can potentially be a good thing to use in your own case.

In a family legal issue such as a custody dispute or visitation issue, you don’t necessarily need legal advice. What you need is a court order signed by a judge and you need the right paperwork to present to the court in order for this to happen in the sequence of events that it needs to happen in. There are plenty of nationwide organizations that can help you get what you need to file with the court to get your story in the hands of the judge and enforce your rights to your kids. Whether you’re a mother or father, you do have rights to your children. It’s just a matter of finding out what they are, what you can do and how you can do it.


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