Parenting Your Child’s Technology Privileges

Parenting And Technology

parenting and technology

In the past generations if a parent wasn’t up to speed with their computer skills it wasn’t that big of a deal. Today, however, it is absolutely imperative that each parent hone these skills and use them to their full potential. Why, you ask?” “Isn’t being able to check my emails and pay bills online enough?” Not in this world of technology that our kids live in today.

Our children are constantly being bombarded with electronics, social media sites, and corrupt businesses that are trying to influence them anyway they can. An advertisement here, a tweet there, they are constantly being influenced by sources beyond our approval or even knowledge! While they are following their favorite celebs on twitter, they do not understand that these celebrities hire people to do their tweeting for them and you can be sure that it’s not just to be friends with your kids. Their job is to lure them into spending more money on products that these celebs endorse. If Kim Kardashian tweets ‘such & such’ brand of mascara as her favorite, rest assure there will be hoards of teenage girls flocking to the stores to purchase such a brand; they know this.

Do you know what your kids are getting exposed to on the computers, video games and phones? Are you able to even figure it out or do you just blow it off with the excuse that you didn’t grow up with all these electronics. As a matter of fact,  not only do you need to possess these skills to monitor your childrens’ electronics but you also need to have an open dialog to everything that they are being exposed to, which these days can be anything from unscrupulous people and businesses preying on your kids, all the way to hard core pornography that can cause them emotional damage for years. There is a rise in jr. high and high school kids that are texting naked pictures of themselves to other kids. As a member of another generation I was surprised and couldn’t believe that this was true. I asked a couple of my nephews about this and they very casually said that they get explicit pictures from girls all the time. I was shocked.  I had no idea what was transpiring on these seemingly innocent phones. I then began to talk with them and asked them what they thought about this situation which opened up a very healthy dialogue. They opened up and shared all kinds of things that are happening in the new electro-world they live in and I for one, had a much better understanding of the situations they are exposed to through this ‘wonderful’ age of technology.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing technology, my point is that it behooves every parent to break through their ‘techno-fears’ so that they can help and guide their children through this crazy web (no pun intended-well maybe a little) of electronic exposure. Sit down and play a video game with them and see if it truly is something appropriate for not only their age but their emotional maturity. If not, there are numerous issues that will arise from this at a later date in their lives. Parents, don’t be afraid to dive in and explore this world of technology alongside them. Although they seem very competent in knowing what’s going on, they are still just kids and don’t always know what’s best. No doubt there will be times when they might appreciate your company and guidance alongside this tech-journey they are on!

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