Tips For Single Parents Raising Their Children Right

A Code To Live By

code of the west

            Instilling a way of life in your children that promotes better health, respectfulness, honesty and the value of hard work is at the heart of the American family. Teaching your children how to live and work and hold down relationships is a huge part of being a parent. They learn from watching and listening to you so that one day they can go out and create a family of their own and instill the same values in their own children that they learned from you. A lot of people out there raise their kids with the idea that they will do whatever it takes to raise their kids better than their parents raised them or not put them through the kind of divorce they went through as a kid. Whatever the situation is, you may find it difficult at times to maintain the moral standard you have set out to promote. Here are some tips for single parents trying to raise their children in today’s fast paced world where greed and shallow living are the norm.

Teach Them Early. Laying down a good moral framework for your child at a young age really sets down a solid foundation to build upon as the years progress through their childhood and on into their adult lives. It’s the same principle as teaching another language to a young child, if you set it up early, they are more malleable and will take to it easier than if they have no guidance during childhood. If you’re a new parent, take some time to really think about how you’re raising your children. It’s easy to get caught up in being a parent and taking care of them and not think about what you’re teaching them, what you say around them to others or the actions that they watch you do; they’re like little mirrors until they figure out they can do things on their own. There is to some extent, some level of social conditioning involved in going to school and playing with other children but it’s your job to teach them the big things about life at home. So what form does this take? The answer isn’t just a simple one. Everyone has different ideas as to how to raise their kids. But laying down the groundwork for them to make good decisions and be good moral people can be showing them that they should never be punished for telling the truth, encourage them to never stop trying even if they think they will fail, promote new ideas in your household even if you’re unfamiliar with it, you can both learn at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t go to college, it doesn’t matter if you had a rocky childhood, what does matter is that you give them a fighting chance to make the world a better place. A great leader in our country once said that it’s not the, “color of their skin…” that matters, “but the content of their character.” –Martin Luther King Jr. Our actions define us, not the names we give ourselves. Speaking from experience, having this kind of moral code pounded into ones head growing up brings about the one liner quotes about shooting straight and speaking the truth when you least expect them. In those moments we all reflect upon our upbringings and smirk with the knowledge that our parents did their jobs well and gave us the right tools to make ourselves better people and in turn, the world.

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