8 Successful Single Parenting Tips To Live By

Successful Single Parenting Tips

Today, at times, single-parents struggle with disadvantages to children. Single parents may think there isn’t much they can do to be a successful parent.  Not all children growing up in single-parent families experience unhappy events or consequences.  It is important to not focus on the weaknesses or problems that do not help children become strong.  While it isn’t easy, single parent families can adapt and be strong families.

Parenting tips for great parents

Some helpful tips are:

Accept Responsibility.  Try to accept the responsibilities and challenges of single parenting. Don’t minimize or exaggerate problems but — seek solutions without self-pity or bitterness.

Family Commitment. Focus on being the best possible single parent and put the needs of the child first.  Try to be consistent with emotional support, patience and helping a child cope with life’s ups and downs.

Communicate Openly and Often.  Foster frequent open communication and  encourage clear and open expression of thoughts and feelings to develop trusting connections with the children.

Organize Home Environment. Strive to be well organized and dependable, and work hard to coordinate schedules.  Put a chart on the fridge of important tasks, events and school happenings,

Take care of YOU. Take time and make time to take care of yourself.  Connect with others for practical and emotional support.  Start a babysitting club and take turns giving another single parent a few hours to get away and take a break, and then ask that they return the favor at another time.

Keep Family Traditions.  Nothing makes a child feel safer than consistent tradition, from a child’s bedtime to family times, birthdays, and special events.  Strive to keep the traditions going when things get difficult at times.

Be Positive.  Attitude is a choice – strive to have a positive attitude toward parenting, children and life in general.  Your children will draw strength from you…the parent….their parent!

One day at a time.  Life only hands us one day at a time and sometimes one hour at a time.  When struggling with a difficult event or happening, try to break down the cycle and just deal with things one at a time.  Simplify and detach from the issue – this will also calm the children in your life.

Note:  The foregoing information is provided as general family topic resource and should not be considered as advice specific to your case.  To submit more details specific to your case contact About The Children.org directly. (800) 787 4981

Submitted by L. O’Marie, Paralegal

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