What Parents Are Putting Out There For Their Children

The Things We Don’t Take Into Account

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            Today I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the things we do and say around our kids that have big impacts on their lives and who they will later grow up to be that us busy adults don’t really take into account. The saying about how the little things in life make it worthwhile also has another edge to it, the small things can have lasting effects on the ones we love in positive or negative way, hopefully the former rather than the latter. Taking notice of what we do and say can be a great way to do some research into yourself and do a little analysis on your actions, what they mean to you and, more importantly, what they can mean to others. Whether your kids are just finding out what foul language is or are approaching those teenage rebellious powder keg years, it’s good to be mindful of yourself, your surroundings and what you’re putting out there for other people.

  • What We See Now If Like A Dim Image. People love to give others advice on how to live their lives and there is never any shortage of tips, hints and shortcuts to make one’s life more enjoyable or comfortable; think of how quickly diet fads pop up on a daily basis. It’s important to take all that stuff with a grain of salt, it’s easy to take something as fact even if you’ve only heart it once or if Hemingway wrote it down. You might hear people saying, “live in the now” as a way to shed light on possible problems and solutions in a person’s life. If you’re having issues within your family, whether it’s between you and your partner or you and your kids, taking the rights steps can be like walking into a dark room with broken glass on the floor and no shoes. A lot of people are afraid that they’ll mess up their kids for life by doing or saying something. Take note that it’s often the stuff we aren’t consciously aware of that come back to bite us in the proverbial behind and if you just talk to your kids regularly they’ll be just fine.

If you’re in the middle of a family legal battle with your ex you might be worried about what all this legal stuff is doing to your kids and how they feel about their parents splitting up or having to go to a different state to visit them during these summer months. Of course you don’t want to drag them through the mud on this one but even if they are caught in the crossfire, you and their mom or dad need to be able to talk to them about what’s happening, why it’s happening and how things are going to be when it’s over. Nine times out of ten, they just want to hear you guys tell them it’ll be okay and that you love them.


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