The Right Questions To Be Asking In Family Law

The Important Family Law Questions


Family legal cases can move real quick once they begin and a lot of parents going through family court for divorce, custody or visitation can quickly find themselves in quick sand up to their neck. In any family legal situation, it’s important to know the basics of what to expect and what you can do to enforce your parental rights in the court room and at home when the dust finally settles. A lot of people have never gone to court before and don’t really know what to do and are not familiar with all the terms and types of custody that are loosely thrown around in these kinds of legal matters. Whether you have an attorney or not, although having one is more expensive it is slightly easier to get the information and assistance you need, asking the right questions and taking the right actions are what’s going to influence the outcome of your case. Here are some basic questions you might want to ask around about and incorporate into your own case if you’re just beginning the process for custody, visitation or divorce.

  • What kind of custody is best for the children and I?
  • What’s my financial situation going to be like once this is all over with (if the other parent was the primary bread winner of the family)?
  • What can I do to protect what’s mine in a divorce case?
  • How can I enforce my rights as a father if I’m not on the birth certificate and the mother and I were never married?
  • What state has jurisdiction if I’m in one and the child is in another?
  • Can I leave the state with my child without telling the other parent?
  • How can I reduce my child support?

If any of these questions are hitting home it’s a good idea to write them down, or similar questions you might have, and get the proper information you need to either represent yourself effectively or get the right kind of legal assistance to tackle your case and get the right custody or visitation schedule for you and your children. In most of these situations, the most important things are what are on paper and that can be proved. The judge doesn’t know you on a personal level and sees a lot of these cases every day. In order to get what you feel is the right outcome for your case, make sure you have the right stuff at the right cost for the right purpose.

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