Tips For New Parents Planning For Their Children’s Future


Starting A Family


Sometime we don’t plan on starting a family. One day you go from being single and carefree to finding out that you’re pregnant and expecting a new person in your life. For some this is a blessing, for others not so much. The fact remains however, that a little planning is in order if you do indeed decide to see this through and commit yourself to being a parent. A lot of planning can go into having a baby and it’s important to make the right decisions based on the right information rather than flying by the seat of your pants. The level of planning really depends on you and what resources you have available but planning as far ahead as possible will be a huge benefit to your child later on down the line as well as help yourself out in regards to how much work you’ll have to do in the future. Here are a couple tips to help you along in the process of planning for your child’s future as well as your own as a new parent.

·        Lay The Groundwork For The Arrival. You might not have thought about the logistics in your personal life such as work or school that needs to be arranged but now’s the time. You’re going to need to think about things like when to tell your employer that you’re expecting. If you’re in school you might want to let your instructors know what’s going on so they can excuse any absences you might incur. There are also other concerns about health insurance plans to consider, if you’re going to do a home birth or hospital birth etc. It might be a good idea to write some of this stuff down and make yourself a list so it’s not such a daunting task to think about all at once.

·        What Happens Next? So you had your baby, now what? Things to get a handle on are going to be, how to apply to get a birth certificate, how to establish paternity (if this is going to be an issue), how to get a social security number for your newborn etc. Little things like this are easily overlooked in the process of having a child and recovering. Make sure you inquire about this kind of stuff from your health care provider or from someone at the hospital who can tell you how to proceed.

·        Getting Back To Norma And Looking To The Future. Once you get back to work and you’ve found the right child care provider and things start getting back to normal, this is when you need to think about planning for the times to come. It’s never too soon to start saving money for their education later in life or looking at schools that will benefit them as they grow up (public vs. private schools). Talk to a financial advisor for tips on how to make your money work for you, what investments might be a good idea based on your current earnings, assets and resources.

If you’ve never had to do this before it might be a little intimidating to think about the tasks ahead of you. A good thing to keep in mind is that the more work you do now, the easier it will be later on down the road to take up any slack that may occur. Saving money now means less scrambling for enrollment fees at potential school later on. Arranging health care plans, life insurance policies etc. before you’re under the gun will save you a lot of time and money. And you don’t have to do any of this alone. There are people out there who have made it their professional career to help young new parents out there get started planning for their future and their children’s future. The internet and local parental organizations such a planned parenthood are great places to start looking for resources to help you with this.


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