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How To Be An Effective Stay At Home Mom

What Does ‘Stay At Home’ Mom Mean? How many of you have heard someone refer to a ‘Stay At Home’ Mom as someone who doesn’t work?” Hearing this has always mildly amused me because it is certain that these people

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Talking With Your Children About Bullying

How To Talk With Your Child About Bullying Although bullying is more in the limelight today, it’s been around forever. I remember being bullied when I was a child, and it will unfortunately continue on in future generations. In my

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Parenting And Your Daughters Looks

What messages are you sending your daughter about how they look? It’s easy to tell your daughters that they are beautiful because you are able to see all of the beauty within them, inside and out. What message do we

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Halloween Costumes On A Budget

Has Halloween changed over time? What adult does not have fun memories from Halloween as a kid? What adult doesn’t have horrifying memories from Halloween as a kid? You either had one or the other or more than likely both.

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7 Tips When Traveling With Your Kids

Traveling With Your Kids Who hasn’t experienced the mother or father in an airport or on an airplane with a child having a meltdown. The poor parent has nowhere to turn. If they are traveling, they can’t just turn around

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An Act Of Human Kindness

An Act Of Human Kindness My husband had an affair. There. I said it. I don’t talk about it much, nor do I dwell on it anymore because, well, it is old news. There was a time however that this

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Your Teenage Daughter Is Pregnant – What To Do

What to do when you find out your teenage daughter is pregnant Aaahhh…parenting…the ultimate roller coaster ride! You will experience joy, sadness, heartache, frustration, laughter, pride, misery, fear, excitement, unbelievable love, fear, forgiveness; the peaks and lows are endless. For

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District Of Columbia Grandparents Rights

District Of Columbia Grandparents Rights The District of Columbia has no statutory provision for visitation by grandparents. Like all areas of the U.S., citizens of the District of Columbia are impacted by court decisions such as the U.S. Supreme Court decision

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West Virginia Custody And Visitation Guidelines

West Virginia Custody And Visitation Guidelines West Virginia uses several factors to determine child custody laws. Primarily, a West Virginia court determines child custody based on the best interests of the child and prefers a joint custody arrangement which allows

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Recipe Ideas For New Single Dads

Recipe Ideas For New Single Dads Being a newly single dad can be challenging, especially if you are holding down a job at the same time. Whether you know how to cook or have rarely cooked, time will be a

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