4 Ways To Increase Your Child’s Character Development

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4 Ways To Increase Your Child’s Character Development

Back in the olden days, kids were expected to ‘pull their own weight’ doing chores like feeding the chickens before school or sweeping up at the shop after school. Most kids had some kind of chore to do as a part of the family. As time has gone on, it has become less and less of a tradition of kids having chores. There has developed a sense of entitlement that things should be provided for them without having to work for it. Here are 4 reasons why chores are a ‘good thing’ for your little (or not so little) ones.

  1. RESPONSIBILITY -When a child has a chore, it teaches him responsibility. This is his chore alone and he is solely responsible for getting it done. This gives him a sense of independence and a boost to his confidence. Make sure that he understands how his neglect of chores will affect others in the family. If his chore is to empty the trash and night and it is still there in the morning, let him experience how it smells up the house or it interrupts your schedule because   now you have to stop and do it. Hold your child accountable so that they will understand the responsibility of what they are doing.
  2. INDEPENDENCE – Kids want to be a working part of the family dynamics. They want to contribute in their own way and chores are a great way to start teaching them to develop their own independence. Even when they are little, they know that they are doing their share thusly making them feel like an important part of the family. Whether it’s making their own bed or doing their own laundry they will feel a sense of independence being able to accomplish these chores on their own. When they are able to contribute in any small way, they will feel like a part of the larger family picture.
  3. DEVELOP A HEALTHY WORK ETHIC – Doing their chores will help to develop a good work ethic which they will carry through to the rest of their lives. Make sure that they not only do their chores, but take pride in their work and do them well. Kids are kids and they will naturally try to do as little as possible and get by with the least amount of work possible. This is your opportunity to teach them the satisfaction of a job well done.  Again, hold them accountable or this will not happen.
  4. CONFIDENCE – Doing chores and doing them well will build your child’s self-confidence by giving them a sense of accomplishment. Make sure you praise them for a job well done often. Make sure to vary the chores according to the child’s ability and their growing abilities. As their chores become progressively challenging, they will have an even greater sense of accomplishment.

Remember that chores do not have to be a negative experience. Be creative and put a positive spin on things. Even as adults we have to sometimes cajole ourselves out of bed to go to work some mornings.  Being responsible isn’t necessarily always fun but part of what makes life positive is knowing how to turn a negative into a positive. Use your imagination and help your child learn some valuable lessons that carry him through for the rest of his life.

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