Simple Birthday Ideas For Single Parents

Young girl at party sitting at table with food smilingSimple Birthday Ideas For Single Parents

If you are a newly single parent you will realize quickly that every penny saved counts. Birthdays can be a major expense if you let it and especially if you have multiple children. Birthday parties these days have become huge extravaganzas with jumpers, party bags, decorative fondant cakes (expensive), feeding adults and kids full meals, candy filled piñatas, decorating etc.  The truth is kids are happy with balloons, cake and ice cream, presents and friends. That’s it! Throw in some economical games or activities and your child will be a happy camper. Here are some inexpensive ideas for your child’s next birthday celebration!

  • Make cupcakes and let the kids decorate them. This provides dessert and a fun activity at the same time.
  • Chalk art is inexpensive and all you need is a sidewalk or backyard. Have a drawing contest or have them create a picture story about the birthday boy or girl. Washes off with a hose; cheap, entertaining and simple.
  • Create a play. Make a short play and cast the kids in their parts. Have props and costumes from your household items and clothing. Keep it light and funny and let them perform for the adults.
  • Create your own pizzas. Trader Joe’s has already made pizza dough very cheap or make your own (very inexpensive) cut up pizza toppings and let the kids make their own individual pizzas. Fun activity and lunch at the same time.
  • Have each parent bring a baby picture of their child, make a collage and let the kids try to guess ‘who is who’ in the baby pics. The one with the most right guesses might get a little prize.  The kids will have fun seeing each other’s baby pictures.
  • If you have a grassy area, create your own slip and slide with a hose and long vinyl tablecloth. This is a great way to have fun if you are in extremely hot weather.
  • Create a blank book and have the kids create  a story together. They will have all sorts of ideas and the final product will be a treasured keepsake for your child.
  • Cut out pictures ahead of times from magazines and have the kids make their own collage of their favorite things. The can take these home and hang them in their room.
  • If you live in a beach area, sand castles are always a hit with kids. Bring buckets, spoons, flags or any props to help them be creative. They will have fun and a sense of accomplishment at the same time.
  • Old fashion games like hot potato, musical chairs, freeze tag, duck- duck -goose, etc. are still loads of fun for kids. We forget that sometimes the simplest of games can be the most fun.

The most important thing is to be prepared. Don’t wait to the last minute and have 10 restless kids on your hands. You don’t have to spend a lot of money; just a small investment of your time will suffice. Be creative!!

Pinterest is a great source for party ideas and recipes. Some of the ideas are more elaborate however there are also some simplistic ideas that are fabulous. Things don’t always have to be complicated to be great. Sometimes the simplest of things are the most fun and meaningful.

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