Getting The Right Custody Or Visitation Schedule

Asking For The Right Thing

 When Traveling With Your Kids

A lot of the time, in family court, parents don’t know what to petition for, they just know they want time with their kids and they want it now. In a court room scenario, it’s paramount to know what you can and cannot do or maybe even more importantly, what you should do. The emotional aspect of this situation is that you’re children are the most important thing to you, that’s why you’re here in the first place trying to enforce your rights to be with them so they can have a relationship that all kids need with their parents. In some cases parents don’t know what to ask for in terms of what kind of custody or visitation plans would be best for them and their children. Here are a couple tips to help you determine this.

Full Or Partial Custody? There are some parents that call around town or to different organizations and immediately say that they want full custody of their children. Sometimes this is necessary if the other parent is a clear and present threat to the child’s well being or is involved in a life style that is not conducive to a proper upbringing; and these cases are unfortunate. However, eliminating a parent from a child’s life is not as easy as all that. Most judges out there will not remove the other parent from the picture unless it’s an extreme situation. So stepping in front of the judge and asking for complete custody of the child might not work out. Make sure that what you’re asking for makes sense to the judge and is a reasonable request. Kids need both their parents in their lives unless it can’t be helped. Making the right decision starts with evaluating all the aspects of the situation and acting accordingly.

Modern Family Systems. In our modern society, families can often be spread out across great distances. That being said, sometimes a straight and simple custody or visitation schedule just won’t cut it if there are hundreds of miles separating the parents from the children or one parents has a job that requires them to be two or more weeks on and two weeks off; a lot of parents in our country are in this kind of situation. The best way to get the right kind of parenting schedule, if you’re looking to get a court order for this kind of thing, is to maintain communication with the other parent. Talking to the mother or father of the child in order to know who’s doing what, coordinating rides, determining holiday schedules etc. is what needs to happen in order for everything to remain moving in the same direction. This can be more difficult for some than others. What needs to be kept in mind is the well being and best interest of the children that this case is revolving around.

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