Single Parenting and Single Families – How To Respond

When Enough Is Enough


A lot of parents across America are stuck in bad family situations. Whether it’s a new mother being mistreated in her relationship, a father having the time with his kids infringed upon or a grandparent that wants to be part of their grandchild’s life. Whatever the issue is, a lot of people have a hard time deciding when the issue is significant enough to bring it into court and what to do after they’ve crossed that threshold. So here are some tips you can use in your own situation to get the time you need with your kids.

  • Taking Your First Step. Okay, so you’ve reached the point where something needs to happen. Upon arrival at this spot in the road, you might find yourself wondering if you should be doing anything at all, maybe it will get better. The fact of the matter is that yeah sure, it might get better. But statistically speaking, it might not. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about single moms repeatedly not receiving child support from their ex. Or cases in which the other parent flat out refuses to let the other parent near the children in an effort to exclude them from each others lives. These are turning points in your life. Having the right tools to do a job is your primary concern. A good place to start is the internet. It’s becoming the world’s primary source of information and you’ll find a nearly endless well of information about family law, family court, divorces, child support laws and you’ll get a better idea of whether you should go down to the court house or speak to an attorney about the scenario.
  • Waist Deep. This is about the time when people can get overwhelmed by the process of going through the family court system and wonder if they’ve made the right decision. Legal fees can quickly become staggering sources of debt and financial burden. This can add large amounts of stress to an already stressful situation, which should be avoided. A lot of parents get nervous when they know their ex has an attorney and they don’t or don’t have enough money to hire one. And with the economy still not up to full speed, this is becoming increasingly more commonplace in our country. It is possible to go through family court without having to hire an attorney. Most of the time if you get the right documents to file, you can walk into court and represent yourself. It’s only a matter of doing the research to know what means what and what a typical step by step process would look like.

In some cases the issue can be resolved in the comfort of your own home by simply talking about what the problem is, what a solution would look like and how to maintain the family structure you guys have. Going to court really should be a last resort however. Linking up with a professional counselor to mediate a discussion between you and your ex can be very beneficial as well and can provide parents with tools to help maintain relationships in the future. Finding the right help is paramount in any case though and saving money is also important. Get as much information you can before making your decision on what steps to take in your family court issue.

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One comment on “Single Parenting and Single Families – How To Respond
  1. It really is so hard to know when to make the move in family court and when to leave things alone. I still deal with this and seriously weigh out the pros and cons before making a move because I don’t want to open a can of worms unless I have to…And when it comes to child support and missed payments for additional expenses, you have to wonder if somehow your ex will bring up the issue of requesting a downward modification. Then you lose even more than just the missed payments. Ugh it never ends!

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