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Child Support Blues

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            There’s a lot of information out there for parents going through custody battles, visitation issues or divorces and even grandparents rights but not a lot of online resources for what people can do about child support problems. Either you’re a parent that’s not getting full or any payments from your ex or you’re stuck with payments that put you so far in the red that you can barely live. Most of the time, court proceedings are necessary in order to adjust the payments or address the issue of noncompliance. There are of course a number of penalties that can be experienced by parents not willing to pay child support but often times you hear stories about people finding ways to deliberately avoid paying for the child they helped create. Below is some information on what you can do in situations like these.

Can’t Make The Scene If You Don’t Have The Green. The bottom line is that, as a parent, the costs of taking care of your children can quickly become expensive and keep you scrambling for cash when you need it. If you’re a single parent with full custody of your child, the cost of making rent, keeping food in the fridge, paying for insurance, phone bills, internet etc. can easily become unmanageable and create a lot of unwanted stress in your life. We’re all trying to live happy productive lives, having debt or staggering bills that keep you from being able to save any money and spend the time your kids need with you, can affect people in numerous ways. Studies have shown that stress can increase the risks of heart issues, weight fluctuations and a myriad of other physical symptoms. Having an ex that makes irregular payments, doesn’t even send money or conveniently short changes you every month is something that needs to be addressed. Most of the time, as stated before, going to court is probably necessary if it’s a big enough issue. The problem with this however is that you find yourself in a catch 22. You need more money from your ex but in order to go through court you need more money to pay court fees. If you’re head hurts, you’re not alone. Finding the right attorney for this kind of issue is important because they can answer your legal questions for you and give you a good idea of what your options are and how to exercise your rights as a parent. In some cases there are ways to waive the court fees involved with something like this as well. Talk to the clerk at your local court house to find out more about this.

Adjusting child support can be a tricky situation if you feel like you’re paying too much. Child support issues aren’t just about dead beat dads not paying up when the 1st rolls around. A lot of the times the people that call our office are fathers that do pay their child support on time but the set amount is not reasonable. When these parents call the child support office they are usually met with someone who tells them they can’t help them or an answering machine. One good way to adjust the amount you pay your ex for child support is changing the amount of time you spend with your children. It’s simple, the more time you spend with your kids, the less cash you have to cough up every month. Now, the motivation shouldn’t be about the money in this case, it should be about spending time with your kids. Getting a court order for custody or visitation is one path you can take to lower your payments and help build or maintain your relationship with your child.

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