14 Things Fathers Should Know About Their Daughters

What Fathers Should Know About Their Daughtersfather and daughter

Babies come from their mother’s wombs and have that special bond with mom’s that they will have throughout their entire lives. It is imperative though that the relationships that these babies have with their daddies as they are growing up are healthy and strong. Little girls learn so much from their daddies that will impact the rest of their lives and future relationships with other men and even their own sons. Do not be mistaken men, what you say and do not say will have years of impact, so choose your words and actions well when dealing with your daughters. Do not downplay the importance of your role in your little girl’s life; she needs you! Here are some things that fathers should know about their little girls:

  1. They learn how they should be treated by how you treat their mom, whether you are married to her or not.
  2. When you protect their femininity, they learn everything about them is worth protecting
  3. If you demonstrate tenderness they learn to embrace their own vulnerability rather than fear it
  4. Don’t let money be everything or they will learn not to respect you
  5. How you handle their heart is how they will allow others to handle it
  6. How you talk about female bodies even when you’re just joking is what they will believe about their own bodies.
  7. How you love them is how they will learn to love themselves
  8. Ask them how they are feeling and then really listen to their answers
  9. It’s ok to be angry at them but do not hurt them, walk away until you can control your anger and do not lash it out at them. A harsh word from daddy can leave a scar for years
  10. Don’t lie to them, little girls believe everything their daddies tell them and they will lose respect for you.
  11. Hug them, hold them and kiss them in a good and pure way from a father that loves his daughter. They  need to learn and understand healthy touch
  12. Don’t tell them that all boys want ‘only one thing’. Teach them gently how to recognize those recognize those particular boys and that all boys are not like that. Don’t let them grow up thinking that no male is to be trusted.
  13. Little girls like to chatter, develop a patience to listen, if you blow them off they will feel like they have nothing of value to say. You can only teach them to filter if you are really listening to what they have to say.
  14. Acknowledge their talents and accomplishments so they understand that ‘who they are’ is more important than their dress size.

Remember dad that you are THE most influential male role model in their lives. What you say and do when they are watching and especially when you do not know that they are watching will have a huge impact on them. Little girls look up to their daddies as heroes and protectors. This does not mean that you have to be perfect and never make mistakes, but it is how you handle yourself during those times that will be imbedded in their brains. When you make a mistake acknowledge it and don’t be afraid to look at the damage that you have caused and fix it. They will have much more respect for you for that rather than not apologizing for your actions and acknowledging how they were affected by them.

They grow up fast and soon will have other men in their lives that you will have no part of controlling so teach them now how to make these wise decisions about men and what to accept and what to not allow. Your daughter’s future relationships depend a lot upon how you act today!

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