Parenting Tips On Giving Your Children Advice

Giving Your Kids Advice


            Giving advice to your kids can, often times, be the most difficult part of being a parent. If they’re teenagers they don’t probably don’t want the advice because they know everything and have the world all figured out, or they’re still little and the advice needs to be crafted in such a way as to let them make their own choices but still teach them a lesson about life. Either way the advice you give as a parent and the examples you set down for them are going to be with them for the rest of their lives. It sounds like a big deal, and it most definitely is. As parents, it’s your job to make sure they know how to handle the situations that life presents them with, how to manage a difficult situation, how to be good people etc. Here are some tips that parents have shared about how to talk to your kids, whether it’s a difficult subject like the birds and the bees or simply explaining why it’s good to brush your teeth twice a day.

When To Give And When Not To Give. One of the most common complaints that a kid, especially a teenager, can have is that they’re parents are too nosy about their business. What they sometimes fail to realize however is the fact that you’re just looking out for them and want to make sure they’re making good choices. It’s not until later in their lives that this becomes clear. So how do you wall that fine line between barging into their lives and being aloof. The answer is that I can’t really give you a prescribed answer. It really comes down to their personality, your relationship with them, what kind of situation it is etc. This requires maintaining a healthy relationship with their kids. If you’re a single mother, it’s difficult for a teenage boy to ask his mom how to ask out girls. They’re most likely embarrassed about it and feel like you won’t want to talk about it with them. Stuff like that is a part of life though and as parents, you have a lot of knowledge about the world that they don’t, even if they think otherwise.

Guiding Your Kids The Right Way. Stop and think about the things you’re teaching your children. Are you teaching them good moral values? To always do the right thing? To pay your bills on time and fold your laundry? You might be teaching them things that you weren’t aware of through your actions. Your kids watch your every move. If you blow through a red light in an intersection and don’t exhibit any apologetic action to that, they’re going to think that breaking the rules, even a little bit, is okay. That kind of stuff can have far reaching influences later on in life. If they think it’s okay to bend the rules when they’re five years old, what is that going to look like when they bend the rules when they’re fifteen? or thirty-five? You have to set a good example early on in order for them to get the right tools for the job.

Sometimes they’ll come directly to you for advice on life, whether it’s a school project, they neglected to turn in their homework or they’re coming to you for something more serious. In a family legal situation, being able to be there for your kids in a time of crisis is extremely important. If you’re going through a divorce, chances are your child is going to be at odds with the situation and have a lot of questions about you and the other parent. Young children don’t really know what’s going on when a family splits up. Teenagers tend to act out and produce bad behavior or shut you out of their life emotionally. The advice you give them, whether your happily married or going through a less than happy divorce, will partly dictate their outlook on life and how to handle it. Make sure they have the right ideas.

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4 comments on “Parenting Tips On Giving Your Children Advice
  1. Great advice! I giggled and then read some of it out loud to my teenage son who in turn, giggled. Great bonding moment! 🙂

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