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Use Words Before A Court Order

A Little Change Will Do You Good             Family issues bring with them a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety that, over time, can really bring you and the rest of the family down and make what may be a

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Tips On How To Be Successful In Family Court

Keep Your Eye On The Ball             A lot of parents out there who are having an issue that falls within the realm of family law have a hard time thinking objectively and get led by the inevitable emotions that

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District Of Columbia Grandparents Rights

District Of Columbia Grandparents Rights The District of Columbia has no statutory provision for visitation by grandparents. Like all areas of the U.S., citizens of the District of Columbia are impacted by court decisions such as the U.S. Supreme Court decision

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What can I do if the other parent kidnaps my child?

Can I go pick up my child or children from the other parent if there is no court order? The answer is:  it all depends.  Depends on whether there is a court order, or if the parents are married or

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Grandparent Rights in Utah

The Utah statute governing the visitation rights of grandparents is one of the more plainly readable statutes.  It provides real guidance as to how the courts view grandparents, or a grandparent, petitions for visitation when visitation has been unreasonably withheld

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Originally posted on About The Children, LLC's Blog:
Knowing how to conduct yourself in a courtroom will give you confidence and play a big part in the  success of your court case. Having your cell phone ring will be…

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We support you 100% in this dispute! Keep fighting for your rights and never give up.

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