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What To Do About Child Support Issues

  Child Support Issues             One of the most common calls that we get are from parents that are upset about their child support. Whether it’s too high, you feel you shouldn’t be paying child support anymore or you just

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Child Custody – More on How To Win in Custody Court

How To Win In A Child Custody Case                 Many people have a hard time with the personal aspects of going through a child custody case, aside from the logistical and legal complications involved in such a situation. One of

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Homemade Child Support Plans

You’re past the point of no return. Separating from your ex and splitting the time you spend with your child is never easy. Obviously you want to spend as much time as possible with them and make sure they have

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Types of Child Custody in Utah

Utah Child Custody Overview Introduction Custody of a minor child means the legal status awarded by a court for the care, control and maintenance of that child. In Utah, custody may be brought as a separate case or as part

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What are my chances to getting full custody?

What Are My Chances? Wanting certainty is something that, as humans, we crave. As such, when you start the process to establish custody or visitation rights over your children, one of the first questions is going to be, “what are

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Dating as a Single Parent

Okay, so you’re a single parent now. You need to weigh out your options and get things straight before you do anything. This could mean a lot of things; it could mean finding a new place. This, in itself, has

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Parents have an Equal shot at custody rights

What are the courts looking for in addressing custody and visitation rights?  The  goal for any court in custody and visitation decisions is what is ultimately best for the child(ren) involved.  A child is entitled to a relationship with both

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10 mistakes Not to make while fighting for custody

The separation of parents will be a complicated situation for children at best, and a devastating experience for them at worst. Your goal throughout, is to be the absolute best parent that you can possibly be. This will not only

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Custodial Change of Circumstances

In the first years of divorce everyone is adjusting to new living circumstances. It is a huge adjustment and during this time the parents try to keep as much routine as possible in the lives of their children. As time

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How to Deal with Stresses During a Custody Battle

Let’s face it everyone dreams of the day their child will come into the world but no one ever contemplates having to fight a battle in court to keep that same child. The day to day stress that this battle

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