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Parenting Tips On Giving Your Children Advice

Giving Your Kids Advice               Giving advice to your kids can, often times, be the most difficult part of being a parent. If they’re teenagers they don’t probably don’t want the advice because they know everything and have the

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Child Custody in a Divorce

Custody and Divorce                 If you’re a parent and you’ve reached the point where you’re going to separate from your significant other, odds are you going to need to draw up some documents or go to court over the issue.

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Reconnecting With Your Kids

There are a lot of parents out there that aren’t as close to their kids as they’d like to be or should be. Many parents have been away from their children for extended periods of time and this has caused

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We All Wear Masks: Gender Roles In The Family

There is a general idea of what the role of the mother and father should be. The common idea of what these roles should be is the woman staying home with the kids and the man goes out and works

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Modifying Your Current Court Order

Going to court and getting a court order signed by a judge is the goal of establishing rights as your child’s parent; whether you’re a mother or a father, the latter being slightly more difficult if you need to determine

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Parents have an Equal shot at custody rights

What are the courts looking for in addressing custody and visitation rights?  The  goal for any court in custody and visitation decisions is what is ultimately best for the child(ren) involved.  A child is entitled to a relationship with both

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