Custodial Change of Circumstances

In the first years of divorce everyone is adjusting to new living circumstances. It is a huge adjustment and during this time the parents try to keep as much routine as possible in the lives of their children. As time progresses however, so do circumstances. Parents remarry,  financial lifestyles may change, illnesses occur, etc. These might be the times that a father will look into modifying a custody order.  The courts realize that nothing stays the same for ever but it is up to you to make them aware of changing circumstances.  Remember, they want what is in the best interest of the children and if that means modifying a custody order than you should do everything you can to bring that to pass.  Below are some of circumstances that a father might look into for modification of their custody order:

  • Your children are missing too much school, bad grades or continued disciplinarians at school
  • Mom is leaving the kids more times with the babysitter and you feel  that time would be better spent with you
  • Mom remarries and children do not get along with the new step-dad
  • Mom’s financial status drastically changes children’s lifestyle to an unsafe environment
  • Your lifestyle changes which allows you more time available for your children
  • You or your ex-wife’s job has changed and have to relocate to another state
  • Your children are old enough and decided that they want to live with you

Keep good, written records of each instance – dates, time of day, locations, who was involved. This can be useful when bringing it up as evidence to a judge or in a modification request.

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