How Can I Parent My Kids Better And What Is The Result?

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Our experiences and memories of our parents are carried with us for our entire lives. The relationship a child has with their parents, in part, determine their personalities, value systems and sense of what’s right and wrong. In general, how you treat your kids not only affects their mental well being but also helps determine how they will go on to have relationships with their peers or their own children one day. The nature vs. nurture debate is one that can be argued clear unto dawn. Without placing more importance on one or the other, let’s talk about what a person can do to improve their overall relationship with their children and become closer to their families.

  • Things You Can Do Together. Engaging your kids in activities that both of you can do together is essential to building and maintaining a relationship with your children. We all remembering doing someone for the first time with our parents. Whether it’s tying our shoes, going to your first basketball game or seeing the Grand Canyon, those experiences inspire positive feelings and memories of your parents. If you have negative memories of your parents it affects the relationships we go on to have. Even doing small stuff like having a weekly routine of what you do for dinner or helping them with their homework creates positivity and stability in their lives.
  • Consistency. Coming through some of the time is not really being there. There’s an old saying that, “pert ‘near ain’t near enough.” If you’re a single parent with shared visitation time with your child it’s hard to not being to spend as much time as you’d like to with your kids. Having a regular schedule when they stay with you is a good way to establish consistency in their lives. When they know you’re going to pick them up on Wednesday night, it gives them a sense of security. It matters to kids if you don’t show up when you’re supposed to or make promises that get broken. Your word is your bond.

Being a good parent just comes down to being there for your kids and doing the best you can to give them what they need to fully realize their potential. Experiences during childhood are the most important defining factors in our adult lives. If you’re new to the parenting scene, there are plenty of resources available across the country for new parents trying to bond with their kids. Whether you’re a parent that is away from your child for extended periods of time due to your job or you are just trying to build a better relationship with your children, anytime you spend with them is good time.

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14 comments on “How Can I Parent My Kids Better And What Is The Result?
  1. Excellent article! I am a single parent and while I don’t have to share and I don’t lose every other week with my son, sometimes it’s important to remember to “be there”, to be present in our time together.

  2. prayingforoneday says:

    Something I noted.
    I have four kids. two sons, 21 and 19.
    Two Daughters 2 and 3.
    There is no book. We are all new at it.
    When my son was 21, It was new for me and his Mum to parent a 21 year old. Same as when my 3 year old Daughter turns 4, this is new territory for us. I guess you just be human and teach them values and to be nice,

    Good read above, and we do drawing and puzzles with the girls, we keep their minds as active as possible and also routine is important at that age.

    As for the boys, they have girlfriends and both work and are great kids.

    We just parent the best we can. One persons “Good parenting” may be “Bad parenting” to another yeah?

    Good topic, great debate we would imagine.
    Thanks for sharing


    • Some of us wait and wait and wait to be “ready” for anything. The truth is, we are never truly ready, especially to be parents. We just have to use our best judgement in most cases on how to care for our children. It certainly helps to really know you children and be adaptive to their particular needs, but still stand your ground when necessary. Thanks for this comment!

      • prayingforoneday says:

        My pleasure. And yeah, just use judgement and also be assertive when needed.


  3. Christina George says:

    Reblogged this on The Treasure Trove and commented:
    I am always looking for parenting advice. I can’t get enough of it. I mean, I don’t appreciate unsolicited verbal advice when it’s pressuring me! What I mean is that I thoroughly enjoy learning about others’ perspectives, experiences, etc on parenting and other things.
    By compiling large amounts of information on a subject, I gather up the various pieces from different places that I like the most and end up with my own parenting ideal. Which, as my child grow, so too must those ideals which I thought were for sure they only way to go. Ha. Each child is different. Including mine, it turns out! Thank you for the article to re-blog!

    • We appreciate the reblog. Sounds like you might write a book one of these days as you continue to expand your collection of parenting tips. You’re right, each child is different and has a unique learning curve and development sequence. Keep up the good parenting!

  4. moorefredena says:

    Reblogged this on moorefredena and commented:
    Beautiful, thanks!

  5. It’s a responsible job being a parent, as you say, how you behave towards your child forms the foundations of their personality and how they respond to people for the rest of their lives! It’s suprising how early the process starts, it’s good to smile at your baby lots, it helps build a strong bond between you when they are very young (0-3months) and it reassures them when they are a few months older (around 6 months)!

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