How To Get Through A Divorce In One Piece

Is There Such A Thing As A Good Divorce?


            A lot of parents that are going through a divorce or thinking about moving in that direction probably assume that this is going to be a bad experience. While going through any separation and/or custody dispute is not necessarily for the faint of heart, it can be a somewhat good thing if you play your cards right and listen to what everyone wants or needs rather than going through the motions with an attorney and ending up with a court order that doesn’t really reflect what you or your kids need or want out of this situation. There are a few different ways to go about a divorce or custody battle. You can go through mediation and talk it out and try to come to an agreement in a civil manner. You can lawyer up, throw some money at the situation and hope your case is stronger than your ex’s. Or you can try for a collaborative divorce, continue to be friendly with your ex and get a court order that everyone agrees with and that’s beneficial for your kids, which is really what this is all about. Here are some ideas to kick around during this kind of process.

Why Are You Getting Divorced In The First Place? You might want to stop and ask yourself this question. Is the issue you’re having worth splitting up for? It’s was a big enough idea to have the though cross your mind but really thinking about the issue and determining the severity of the problem, might help lead you to a possible solution that may or may not a court room or divorce attorney. It’s really easy to jump into things too quickly in life. This is doubly true for relationships, both getting into one and getting out of one.

A Compromise Is Not A Victory. It’s important to stand your ground in this kind of situation and not be a push over. It’s incredibly easy to let someone walk all over you in family court because this is a vulnerable time for a lot of people, more so if they haven’t been through something like this before. Divorces and custody battles are emotionally charged events for everybody involved so it’s important to keep your head straight and make the best informed decision you can. This is why more and more people opt for a collaborative divorce so that everyone’s needs are met, within reason, and the children’s best interests are put at the top of the list across the board. Because in family law, that’s what matters most.

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